Ayo, long time no see

Since the start of the year I’ve been transitioning into living outta my backpack, while also just figuring out what I really want from life.

Here’s what I came up with:

  • I’m now working on smaller projects which will ultimately compose into my future dream game (formerly known as Arcane)
  • I’m currently working on Ex Nihilo, which is a pixel simulation base layer / module that I’ll be using to build out worlds from nothing. More details here.
  • I decided to cancel everyone’s memberships on the old randy.gg site and start from ground zero with a more clear funding model
  • That funding model being: I put out all my projects/content/work for free via my weekly changelogs, people can then optionally donate to help support me
  • I’ve quit being a “content creator” so I can instead pour 100% of my effort into becoming a decent game developer
  • To keep everyone updated, I’ve been sending out changelogs each Sunday via email for the last 20 weeks straight
  • When it comes to my “work” – I’m really just doing whatever the fuck I want to do. Right now that’s game development, but towards the end of the year I’ll be dusting off the decks to do some more DJing
  • I’ve scrapped my old custom randy.gg site for this WordPress one (a lot simplier to maintain & I don’t have to pay web devs)
  • I’m now living outta my backpack (in Bali at the moment) and will continue to do so for the next decade (a story for another day)

Streaming Experiment


You might recall a while back I quit live-streaming all together. This was partly due to me now backpacking (I can’t scream out loud like an idiot anymore) – but mainly because being a content creator wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my time.

Nowadays I just sit down and tap away at the keyboard in silence. So why not just stream that lmao?

I still won’t be going back to making content, it’ll just be a chill opportunity for other peeps to join in and get some work done with me.

It might even act as a nice forcing function for me to show up consistently and get some work done. All without the added pressure of actually having to be entertaining and create “content” out of it.

We’ll see how it goes.

There we are, all caught up.

To stay updated with what I’m working on: