Randy’s Changelog v1.27

Yet, my laziness only exists for these next 3 days.
What will my ambition be handicapped by after that?
My own imagination, I assume.

[v1.27] – 2022-08-29


  • Added ‘muchas’ in front of my ‘gracias’ – feeling hella polite right now
  • Acquired a favourite coffee shop / mobile workspace (limited to ~5 hours of shallow work each day though (my ass hurts from sitting and I can’t exactly pace around the store lmfao))
  • Integrated FMOD into the_forge – audio is now ready for my next game project
  • Rough game idea sketched out for my first project (more dets next week)


I’m feeling incredibly bored and lazy, but that’s kinda fun and refreshing in itself.

I can’t really do anything substantial (start on this next project) until I arrive at my Airbnb in a few days.

So I’m kinda just in limbo for the time being, biding my time and stretching my TODO list out across the coming days to keep myself somewhat busy.

Today’s task was to find myself a sustainable food supply at a local supermarket.

I was thinking I’d just live off of canned food/soup (like I did in Australia) but after checking out quite a few Supermercados, my grand search for a can of baked beans turned up empty.

Looks like I might have to actually cook my meals…


I did however manage to acquire myself a tub of instant coffee, which will be a nice sustainable alternative to the $4 Lattes I’ve been ordering each day from cafes (in exchange for WIFI and a place to sit).

All in all, nothing too exciting to write home about, just taking it as it comes really.

This time next week, I’ll be all settled into my new workstation, which’ll bring with it a new major version update that I’m very much looking forward to.

Until then, take care!

– randy

P.S – If you’re a sound designer, audio programmer, or 2D/3D artist of any kind and are solely dedicated to your craft (in the context of gamedev) and are also full-time: hit me up in the replies.

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