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[v1.25] – 2022-08-15



Hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been jumping around all over the place this week when it comes to my work environment (have been out on a roadtrip with mates). As a result, this hasn’t been the most insanely productive week of my life – but I still managed to put some work in.

I spent most of the time just reading and listening to podcasts. This one in particular with Jonathan Blow was pretty great.

I’ve been on a bit of a work-related kick with my writing recently, which is what my recent freeing up time post hit on.

Next up in the series, I’ve got one about allocating my newfound time in a way that’ll best serve and support my game dev goals. It’s not quite ready yet, but I’ll have a link for you in the next CL.

This time next week I’ll be flying off to my next country, which I’m verrrryyyyy bloody excited for.

You have no idea how keen I am to settle into a routine for longer than a week. I’m probably going to be staying in this next country for a year or so, which’ll let me build up some serious momentum in my work life.

I’m driving back down to the Gold Coast in a few hours today. Once I get there, I should have a pretty stable routine for the next week.

Over this next week, I’m going to be spending my time wrapping up Ex Nihilo. That way I can hit the ground running and move onto my next project the second the plane wheels touch down in this next country.

I’ve got a pretty cool idea for what my next project is, I’ll share more once I get stuck into fleshing it out.

It’s finally time to work on some games and get them shipped out wooooooooo.

I won’t be shooting for Steam releases (since I’m just focusing on the craft side of game dev), but I’ll probably just chuck em all up on itch.io since it’s a lot easier to publish there.

I don’t even want to think about the M word (marketing) for this entire next year.

My sole focus is game design, and game design only.

There’s no point marketing games when I don’t have any experience in making them good.

Time to put those itch.io hours in.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s CL! Bit of a short one, but I’ve gotta go spend 16 hours in a car driving back to the Gold Coast now. I’ll cya in the next one.

As always, best of luck with everything this week.

go grab it by the balls.

– randy

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