Randy’s Changelog v1.23

[v1.23] – 2022-08-01

Project Legend
[EX] – Ex Nihilo
[R] – Personal
[BMAC] – Big Monke Apex Cult


  • [EX] Proper infinite canvas with chunk loading/unloading via camera view
  • [EX] “From nothing” functionality with resting state pixels (figure 1)
  • [BMAC] Established the Big Monke Apex Cult™
  • [BMAC] Intake #1 open for two new members


  • [R] My need to please everyone and dispute negative comments.


  • [EX] Changed task management to Trello since it was getting a bit bloated in docs – Ex Nihilo | Trello


  • [R] Deprecated DJ rando for Q4 – Instead, I’m going all in on game dev for the foreseeable future. I love DJing, but I love the idea of building a world class game studio more.


  • [EX] Fixed stability issues due to a couple of bugs
figure 1 – From Nothing


Before we get crackin with this week’s rambling, I’d like to welcome the 200 new peeps coming in from my recent podcast upload who had no idea this even existed.

Speaking of the recent upload, I stopped by the comment section the other day and it looks like I’ve been given quite the treat!

I’ll save you the trip if you haven’t seen it – it’s just a handful of people writing negative comments, acting as if they know everything about my life/situation and have been following these CLs over the last 5 months.

I’m half tempted to make a video that logically tears them all apart (since all of them can be), but I know that’d only keep me trapped inside a vicious cycle of hate comment whack-a-mole.

You are what you pay attention to, and I’ve given this too much attention as is – it’s time to move on.

I do hope you got some use from the answers I gave though. Let me know if you’ve got any follow up questions / clarifications for me (you can just reply to this email).

That video really was just for you – in hindsight I should’ve just posted it unlisted instead of putting it up publically and trying to achieve two things at once.

My goal by doing that was for it to also act as an update video for everyone not subbed to these CLs, which it clearly did a pretty poor job at.

Conflating two goals never turns out well for me lol.

Oh well, shit happens. Ya live and you learn.

Bit of a random tangent – shout out to the lad who recognised me in Byron Bay last week, I hope you enjoyed the festival.


This week has been pretty slow on the ol’ Ex Nihilo project front.

In the podcast, after confidently answering that I can handle a bit of chaos and build a routine wherever I go – I’ve been struggling to find my footing back here in Australia.

It’s one part bouncing between friend’s houses and another part the fact that I know I won’t be staying here for long so I’m not really putting in an effort to build a solid routine.

My bank account drains lower with each passing day, and I’m craving stability once again.

With that in mind, I just recently booked my flights to the next country. I’ll give you a hint – it’s somewhere in South America 😉

I fly out in a few weeks time, and this time I’ll be settling in for a lot longer than just a couple of months.

It’s funny how my idea of gaining stability involves flying to a foreign country around the other side of the world.

Before I head off though, the clock is ticking and I’d ideally like to get my pixel simulation project [EX] out as a playable demo before then. I’ve got a rough roadmap to v1 on Trello, it’s just a matter of excecuting on it.

And speaking of executing…


This week, I put some serious effort into building out a really tight Discord server for all of my game-dev homies.

The goal was to have a solid community of lads working towards similar goals in the game dev space, excecuting on projects, and just crushing life.

I’ve been trial running it all week and man oh man, there just ain’t nothing like it.

Just having people to chat to each day about the current problems I’m facing and where I’m headed – it’s absolutely invaluable and I wish I’d done it sooner.

We’re currently doing an intake of two new people for it.

This won’t apply to all of you, but for those is does apply to – I’m looking forward to working alongside you in a quest for building some of the best games the Steam store has ever seen.

You can read more about it and apply here.


I still haven’t sorted out my writing habit for the blog quite yet, so that’s why I’m venting in this CL a bit more than the previous weeks.

Maybe I’ll just keep venting here in future? Since it is actually a nice transitory outlet for the shit that’s top of my mind.

Some Sundays I just feel like getting these over and done with as quickly as possible just by writing the top level summary, but paradoxically, that’s probably when I need to do these end rants the most.

Anywho, thanks for taking an interest in what I’m up to, I hope all is going well on your end. This week should be relatively stable, so I’ll try my best to crush the shit outta it.

As always, best of luck with the week ahead!

– randy

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