Randy’s Changelog v1.22

[v1.22] – 2022-07-24


  • Answered your questions via a QnA podcast
  • Published an article – “My brief return to the 9-5” (link at end of this CL)


  • Flew back to the Gold Coast (Bali visa ran out)


Oh no, I skipped a week, my reputation is over!

Am I finally caving in and crumbling with these weekly changelogs? Has it all just been one big elaborate Jenga tower that was bound to fall eventually? Am I giving up at the first sign of failure?


I just didn’t want to send this out until I had the QnA podcast episode uploaded.

And there’s a story as to why it hasn’t been uploaded until now.

It involves Australia’s largest festival, a power point, a lot of mud, and a 9-5 job – which you can read about over here.

I’ll cya next Sunday (for reals this time).

– randy

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