Randy’s Changelog v1.21

[v1.21] – 2022-07-10

jus chillin


  • [R] Begun very simple morning workout habit
  • [EX] Basic camera movement / proper world transforms when rendering
  • [EX] Massive update that splits the world into 64×64 chunks and allows pixels to travel across different chunks. (the groundwork for an infinite canvas)
  • [EX] Mapped out the entire project roadmap to v1 launch in the design log


  • [EX] Name of the Pixel Engine project -> Ex Nihilo (meaning From Nothing)
    • Because that Minecraft mod was hype asf so I’m gonna yoink it
    • Fits with the core focus of the project – which is building world terrain out of absolutely nothing.
  • [EX] Made the water feel a lot better by just reducing the update rate of surface pixels


  • [EX] Just going to skip over “proper” fluid dynamics since the current falling water algorithm is more than good enough – I’ve just saved myself weeks worth of work with this decision lol


I’ve been absolutely flyyyying through dev over the last few days. I started chunking my work up with the pomodoro technique and it’s been a whole lot easier to make progress.

Next Week


Going to focus on getting the save format for chunks down pat, that way I can load/unload chunks and have an infinite canvas to move around on.


I’d like to try and focus on finding a low friction way for me to write / publish blog posts via .md files – that way I can just do it directly in Obsidian and have a collection of ideas that compound over time with proper wiki links.

I’m thinking Hugo or some other static site generator might be a good play here, and just link out to it on the wordpress site.

Lmk if you’ve got any ideas.


is good, uno what I mean?

I’m just working on the weekend, like usual.

Well I guess it ain’t work if I’m enjoying myself; but at the same time, it is work, because what else am I gonna call it?

I’ve got the urge to just sit here and write 2000 words right now and figure out that distinction – but I’ll save that for when I sort out this whole blog situation.

Which I’m actually gonna go do right now. Let’s hope I figure something out by the next CL. I’m keen to get a decent dialogue going with ya again.

Anyways, that’s it for this one. Feel free to hit the reply button and lemme know what you’re working on / thinking about – I always find it fun to see what others have got cookin.

Cya next Sunday!

– randy

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