Randy’s Changelog v1.20

[1.20] – 2022-07-06


  • Mental clarity


I just recently got back from my first quarterly personal retreat. An idea I got from this video.

immaculate office vibes

I booked a nice cheap bungalow on Airbnb for a few days, switched off my internet, and just spent the whole time writing, thinking, and reading.

It was absolutely amazing and I have gained a rock solid direction for the next few months.

I’m gonna keep this CL short, since I’m already way late on getting this out.

Going forward, these bad boys are going to be a lot more concise and action-oriented, condensed into a bulleted changelog (kinda like last week’s).

I’ll be focusing on carving out time for proper writing again, so I’ll save the more long-form stuff for blog posts.

I don’t want to sit here and list off all my ideas, goals, plans, and promises I came up with while on my retreat – I’ll drip feed them out over the coming weeks via various posts, but mainly just via my actions.

The live streams are still going strong, I’ll have more of an update on the “game” project next CL.

I’ll see you on Sunday.

Have a bloody brilliant week.

– randy

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