Dear Myself,

I’m going to be a little selfish here.

That’s quite alright though – my blog, my rules.

The thing that’s been holding me back recently when it comes to writing is the fact that “this post might not be useful or applicable to everyone.”

Yet if I continue to fiilter my ideas through that lens, then I’m going to continue writing about absolutely nothing, because there’s very little that is applicable to everyone.

We each have out own dice roll of personality traits, experiences, and idosyncraties – what works for me, probably won’t work for you.

And that’s okay.

I’m writing these posts for me. They’re for my own sanity.

I want a giant blazing forge where I can hammer away at my ideas.

That doesn’t exclude you from gaining value from these posts, and that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear your thoughts on them. The last thing I want this to be is an echo chamber. My inbox is always open for a chat.

I just think that it’s important I write these without any expectation of you taking an interest in them.

Unhinged, unfiltered, and raw as fuck.

With that being said – let’s get this road on the show.

Thanks for reading this bad boy.

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Cya next Sunday!

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