Big Monke Apex Cult

The Big Monke Apex Cult is a group of high-performing, ambitious, and focused game devs that are dedicated to thoroughly immersing themselves in their craft.

We’re currently accepting applications for the group. To figure out if you’re keen on it, here’s what we’re each trying to do:

  • Grow self-sustaining gamedev careers.
  • Make consistent progress on our individual goals and projects; avoiding burnout and procrastination.
  • Improve across all areas of gamedev: design, programming, art, marketing, sales, etc.
  • Share experiences and ideas with others on the same path.
  • Become the best version of ourselves in general, across all aspects of life.

Here’s what we’re NOT here to do:

  • Dabble in game development as a casual hobby.
  • Just tread water and clock off when the bare minimum is done.
  • Pad out our resumes so we can be hired by someone else.
  • Collaborate on projects (it’s not discouraged, but it’s BYO project).

Here’s what we’re actually here to do:

  • Keep each other accountable, motivated, and on the right track via the Discord server.
  • Work distraction free on our core tasks in a silent deep work VC
  • Sound board ideas off of each other spontaneously in a shallow work VC
  • Share our progress in a txt channel
  • Do weekly strategy meetings over a nice cup o’ coffee

If this is something you’re interested in, you can apply here.

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