My thoughts on becoming a generalist

If you’ve known me for any period of time greater than a week, you know that I have a tendency to change my mind.

A lot.

I jump from interest to interest, chasing whatever brings me the most joy. I’m like a big ol’ dog just sniffin around at anything that catches my nose. If I get an idea for something that sounds cool, I’ll give it a whirl.

But you see, I’ve got a problem.

There are 230 people actively giving me money on a monthly basis, mostly in return for developing a video game.

A video game that I haven’t worked on for quite some time now…

It’s a story for another day, but one that is fueled by my canine-like tendency to sniff around.

Game development, DJing, writing, YouTube, backpacking, productivity, neuroscience, programming, podcasting, building a second brain…

I love it all.

Yet I can’t help but notice this game dev sized hole that I’ve dug myself.

I’m eternally grateful for that hole, it’s given me an audience and it’s probably the reason you’re even reading this. I’m also not saying that I don’t love game development. I’m actually still working on the game, kinda. (like I said, story for another day)

All I’m saying is that I’m still stuck in this hole and I ain’t waiting around to get buried.

Specialisation is a great way to grow an audience, but it’s not a great way to keep growing.

Trends die, people change, and passion burns out.

My great escape

Alright, so I want to do more than just game dev, you’ve probably gathered as much by now. My content going forward, especially on this website and on the second channel, will reflect that.

I’m hoping that a good portion of you will be alright with that, but if you’re not, I totally understand if this isn’t what you signed up for.

Especially those of you who have generously made donations over the years in support of my content. You’ve allowed me to even specialise in the first place, and for that I am truly grateful. ✌

For those who are still keen though,

Welcome to the new site, LET’S GET CRACKIN.

– randy

Thanks for reading this bad boy.

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Cya next Sunday!

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